History of Krugersdorp Bowling Club

· 1913 - £250.00 was paid to lay the first bowling green in Krugersdorp.

· 1914 – The town Engineer was instructed to start levelling the ground.

· 1915 – Mr. Sharp (curator of parks board) reported that the green was ready to be handed over to the club, a wood shelter and an iron hut was also erected at a cost of £50.

· 1916 – A draft constitution was submitted and adopted with annual fees of £2.20, per year. Monthly players and visitors would be able to use the greens for £0.76 per month. Ladies would also be able to play for a fee of £0.16, but not on Wednesdays; Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

· 1916 – The Honorary presidents were Sir Abe Bailey & Mr. J.B. Robinson and the first elected President was Mr. J. Richardson.

· 1916 – The first league game was played in Pretoria against a team from Brakpan.

· 1917 – The club was officially opened by Sir Abe Bailey, and so Krugersdorp Bowling Club was BORN.

· 1917 – G.W. Dixon and T. Lightbody won the Transvaal District Pairs.

· 1922 – A. Know; J. Clark; D. McGregor and D. Cameron won the Transvaal District fours.

· 1926 - Mr. “Pinky” Danilowitz became the South African as well as the Commonwealth Games Singles Champion. He played 82 consecutive games without losing.

· 1945 – The 2nd green was opened by the then Mayor, Mrs. A. Edwards, and was duly named the Harry Sharp Green.

· 1951 – Mr Sharp was duly elected a Honorary life member, he had been a member since 1915.

· 1953 – Krugersdorp hosted the “Australian bowlers”.

· 1969 – The local press reported that a “freak” wind lifted 2 Krugersdorp bowlers off their feet and dumped them 10 feet away.

· 1970 – Bar prices increase to 20c; beer shandy to 26c and Brandy; Gin & Cane to 16c.

· 1975 – We celebrated our 60th anniversary with a cocktail party at the clubhouse.

· 1977 – The birth of the “gold rush” day was founded, with 2 other fund raisers, being the “Ladies Day” & the “Nedbank Day” also done for the first time that year.

· 1980 – The year a decision was made by the council to move the club to its present location.

· 1984 – On 4th August the official closing of the “old” club in Krugersdorp Town was done and on the 20th October the “new” clubhouse; ground and greens were officially opened by the Mayor of Krugersdorp.

· 2001 – This was the year that the club made a decision to unify the men’s and ladies sections, and the first President under the new format was Mr. Bill Shead.

· 2005 – Mr. Rusty Whittaker, after writing the clubs newsletter for 13 years, decided enough was enough, and stopped the newsletter early in the next year.

· 2005 – Our clubs museum was completed by Jan Hoenselaar.

· 2006 – 23 liters of “old brown” sherry was consumed when the LADIES held the District bowls between the 19th & 23rd May.

· 2007 – Krugersdorp had 159 members of which 92% were over the age of 60. Of that 92%, 12% were even over the age of 80.

· 2016 – We, the “new” members of Krugersdorp Bowling Club hope that we can uphold the enormous tradition that our club has seen, in the next 100 years.