Club News

Dear Sir / Madam

Krugersdorp Bowling Club held an inaugural U/35’s singles bowling tournament over the weekend of the 28th / 29th April 2018.
We had 36 players who entered, with 3 players in reserve in case anyone pulled out at the last minute, representing about 12 clubs from 5 different districts. The districts that were represented were, Port Natal; JBA; Ekurhuleni; Sables and North West, which was impressive spread across South Africa, considering this was the “first of its kind” event held in our region.

The players were greeted with a “welcome pack” which included a few small gifts, as well as the conditions of play for the weekend. After a welcoming speech from our President, they began to start playing at about 09h00.

There were 6 sections with 6 players per section, the sections were determined by the players drawing a “playing number” on registration, which ensured complete fairness when doing the draw for the tournament.
Each competitor played 5 sectional games, and the winner of each section, which, along with the 2 best runners up, determined the top 8.

The top 8, then went on to play a “knock out” type event, which eventually produced a winner of the tournament.
The other players who did not make the top 8, played in a 2 game plate event, with the winner also receiving some prize money.


There were some fantastic bowls played over the weekend, which ended with a final, on Sunday afternoon, which would compare, “bowls wise”, to any district or National finals.

Even though this was a very competitive tournament, the spirit, camaraderie and companionship that was shown between the players was highly impressive, and something to behold.

A special mention must be given to the Markers and the umpires, from Krugersdorp Bowling Club, who gave up their weekend of bowls to stand and mark all the games.


After a fantastic weekend of competition, the following players were declared the winners: Tournament winner: Jason Janse Van Rensburg
Runner up: Scott Blyth
3rd place: Wayne Rittmuller
4th Place: Ryan Smith
5th Place: Jarryd Ramsden
6th Place: Dylan Leader
7th Place: Jason Van Staden
8th Place: Rikus Heystek
Plate event winner: Alexandra Hanegraaf

The Final

3rd and 4th place

5th and 6th place

7th and 8th place

Plate event winner

“All in all” this was an extremely successful tournament, that was played in the spirit that bowls was intended to be played in, on great greens, and it was exceptionally organised by a dedicated committee that ran the tournament like clockwork.

It was a privilege to be part of this U/35’s singles tournament, and it will definitely become a Krugersdorp Bowling Club annual event, which, with the help of our sponsorship, we will ensure grows from strength to strength.

Should you require any further information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours Sincerely

Andy Selby

Fellow Bowlers
It is some time since I put “pen to paper”, but there are some points to make.
Firstly welcome back to a new bowling season. To those of you that managed to get away from the rat race for a well-deserved break, welcome home.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and that the New Year gives you everything you hoped for. We are going to make 2018 even better than 2017.
We are very fortunate at Krugersdorp Bowling Club to have a great club with a good competitive club spirit; the committee, clubhouse, greens and grounds are the best in the district and our bowling performances overall, both in district and national competitions is improving all the time. Keep up the good work let us improve even more during the rest of the season.
The suggestion box at the end of the hall is there to be used. Any improvements you may think needs to be looked at and attended to, just complete the form and put it in the box. You will receive a written reply.
I have a couple of items which I have already been mentioned over the past year or so, but I think need to be repeated.

Calendar and Club Competitions
Our new bowling calendar is looking even more busy than usual. The Sables leagues restart at the end of January, which gives us some time to get our club competitions underway. The first couple of rounds of the club pairs have been completed and the next round must be finalised by the end of February. Rick, our Club Competition Secretary has been busy finalising the first few rounds of the Club singles games, the open, handicap and novices. We have until the end of January to complete these rounds. See the notice board for completion dates.
Already, after just a few games we have seen some surprising results, with I’m sure a lot more to come.

Inclement Weather
Recently we had cause to ring the bell on the veranda and there seemed to be reluctance on the part of some players to leave the green. This is unacceptable. The club is responsible to ensure that nobody sustains an injury due to a lightning strike.
Krugersdorp BC has a Bye law which covers the event of lightning intervention however there are two vitally important points which I must make and by now you all must be aware of them.
1) The fact that the club is in possession of a “lightning meter” and
2) Should at any time the bell be rung, this means that lightning is in the vicinity and no further bowls may be played from that point.
No one is permitted to bowl another bowl. Everyone will leave the green as quickly as possible and move to the clubhouse for protection.
I must make it perfectly clear that if we are playing bowls, be it social, league or a district competition the above must happen. A storm can easily move 20kms in a matter of minutes. The senior player from Krugersdorp BC will be responsible to ensure that green is vacated immediately.

When an umpire, if one is available, is called to the rink that you are playing on to confirm the shot bowl, give them space to do their job. It is not etiquette to stand and watch over their shoulder. Umpires are totally impartial and their word is final. Should an umpire not be available and someone is called from the next rink to assist the same applies, move away from the head let him do his job.

Sundowner Bowls
We have just completed a few weeks of Sundowner Bowls. Dylan has to be congratulated on the format of play he devised.

League will restart on the 27th January. Should we have any new or not so new bowlers who wish to be considered to play for the remainder of the season, please add your name to the league list or speak to one of the selectors.

New Year’s Day Breakfast
It was good to see club members together with their friends and family attending this function. The breakfast was great and good value for money. My thanks to the Life Members of Krugersdorp Bowling club for putting in the effort to attend and making the day a special one. We are privileged to have active Life Members. Many clubs have Life members but they are there in name only and even members do not know who their Life Members are.

Ladies Day
This is our first function of the New Year. It will be taking place on the 25th January, starting at 08h00 with a breakfast, bowls then lunch. Don’t miss out, make sure you have entered your teams.

Our Club and Improvements
If you take the time to look around, you will see that your new committee has been really busy making our club the best in the district. We sometimes take a lot for granted, the committee included. A few changes to mention are
1) The new extension to the bar now has some pictures of bowls on the walls together with a TV,
2) the veranda ceiling has been repainted,
3) the Suggestion Box,
4) the trophy cabinet has been relocated and we now have a
5) notice board with the bowls calendar,
6) new seating arrangements under the tree,
7) gates are now in fully working order. Ingrid has already sent us the code for the gate.
Matt has project sheet which as the project is completed it gets ticked off. As we raise money for the club so projects get completed.

Social Bowls
We do on occasions receive complaints from members that the draw for social bowls has been fixed, is too one sided or not like it used to be years ago. Coenie is our Tabs Master and the draw is usually done under his supervision in the form of an open draw. The members who assist him do the draw to the best of their ability and as the grading’s allow.
Each members grading has recently looked at by our Selection Committee. On a social day all the tabs are laid out in sides from Skips to Leads. There are occasions where we have too many players in one or other of the categories, and in this instance some bowlers may find themselves playing in a position different to which they have been graded. 'Balancing' of the sides is frowned upon and will only take place when we have a player who is a specialist lead drawn against a new novice bowler. Even then on occasions this will backfire on you. Players are in and out of form even on a daily basis, so balancing even the so called obvious choices, e.g. our new bowlers, can be hopelessly wrong.
We have to believe that the grading’s are now correct or as close as they can be. As a final comment from me, we must all realize that this is social bowls. Many of our social bowlers are here for the exercise, a cup of tea and a chat and the eventual outcome of the game is of minor consequence. To play the game to the best of one’s ability have fun and enjoy the company you are in is what it’s all about. For the really competitive bowlers I say use social bowls as a practice, play shots you may not normally play and try for better consistency. To our new bowlers practice getting the line and weight right and to our Skips, relax and enjoy the game.

Cheers for now,

Alan Lyall

WOW... WOW... WOW... What a Weekend!!!

Our "Gold Rush" tournament is over, and what a great success it was!

The tournament was run over 2 days, with 2 games being played on Saturday and 3 games played on Sunday. The last few ends of the last game however got rained out by the traditional Joburg thundershower which I am sure was welcomed by many after the blistering heat that was experienced throughout the weekend.

A huge thanks are definitely deserved:
• To everyone involved with the organising of this great annual tournament, in particular the Gold Rush organising committee: Belinda Economakis, Stitch Economakis, Elysses Heine, Gavin Heine, Lynette Leader, Trevor Leader, Maureen Love, Barbara Minnaar, Matthew Noone, Andrew Selby, Melana Selby, Ingrid Twigg, Rick van Zyl
• To our Life Members for making the well known "Gold Rush Sunday Lunch", it was delicious!
• To all the bar staff (John and his staff) and all the runners that ensured that made sure everyone had drinks flowing, it was a saviour in the heat that was experienced.

And the winners for 2017 were:
Overall Winners: Mike Marnewick, Lynne Marnewick, Ute Smith, Louis Fourie
2nd: Morgan Muvhango
3rd: Eddie Tromp
4th: Tony Doyle
5th: Yvonne Faber
6th: Rikus Heystek
7th: Alan Lyall
8th: Steve Turner
9th: Sheila Maybury
10th: Zane Smith
11th: Charles Briedenhann
12th: Johan Landman

The teams that did not make the top 12 after Saturday's 2 games played a skins format on Sunday with R80 being available per game.

Lastly THANK YOU to every single person that was there this past weekend, there was a truly amazing atmosphere and one that we will attempt to keep throughout the 2017/2018 bowling season.

Fellow Members
From a personal point of view part of May, June and Part of July is best forgotten about, but here we are into August already. The winter months are almost behind us and spring is around the corner.
There are a few items I have to bring to your attention.

Club News
Our AGM is taking place at the club on the Saturday 30th September 2017 at 14h00. Closing date for nominations is the 1st September. After taking a look at the notice board I see that only the Executive Members e.g. President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and four committee members are up for election at this time. It is the time of the year when all of us should be thinking about our club representatives for the coming season. For our new members, remember that although someone has been nominated for a particular position, should there be more than the required number of nominees for that position on the day of the AGM; it will go to the vote. (E.g. if we require six nominations for the main committee and there are seven nominees the members present will be asked to vote for the six they think will be the most suitable).
It is important to remember that should you accept your nomination, your full commitment for the whole year would be appreciated.
I was asked by a player whether or not they would be eligible to be a Club Selector. For the position of Club Selector, both Ladies and Men, you will be required to meet certain requirements. These are printed on the nomination form for Club Selector.
Do not forget to pay your subs or part thereof prior to the date of the AGM. This will allow you to take part in any of the discussions and any voting that may be required. Remember that you may pay your subs over a period of time so please discuss and make the necessary arrangements with the President, Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary.

Club Competitions
Club competitions have been completed and our Accolades evening will take place on Friday 18th August 2017 from 17h30.

League and Selection
The league lists for both the Ladies and Men are on the notice board. We have had two league practice sessions, one I thought was quite successful the second not so good, mainly due to lack of attendance.
Your current selectors have a meeting on the 3rd August to discuss the way forward, with regard to practice sessions. Sides will probably be selected prior to the day to ensure a good attendance. However I will keep you informed as the decision of the meeting.

Talking Point – Observations
I have not been around much during the past few weeks to play bowls but on occasions I have watched many of you play. I have been impressed on the steady improvement in the bowls, both in consistency and accuracy. Well done, keep it up. Since I’ve been back, playing I also took particular notice on the way players were reading the head and calling the shots, and again, well done.
During the Drawn Pairs last weekend, “slow play” was brought up. If we deem this to be necessary it should be included in our Conditions of Play. I personally have never had to refer to the “slow play “clause. From what I know and read in the Laws of The Game, this features mainly in games that are being played to a time limit e.g. a fifteen end game must be completed in two and a quarter hours, or by a certain time, where the side winning the game could play for time. I am not going into the rules here it would take up too much space, however should anyone wish to talk about it, please speak to me or one of the our other umpires. (In the new Laws of the Game, Third Edition (yellow) it is clause A5 – Delaying (slow) Play).

One of the problems with our coaching is that we tell the new bowler to take their time on the mat ensuring that your feet, stance, bowl, delivery and line are all correct. Maybe we should also tell them that they must bowl their bowl without any undue delay, thirty-forty seconds should be plenty of time.

Many of you will have heard a rumour going around regarding the future of Sables District. Our present District Executive will know more about what is likely to happen after their next two meetings, one with the other districts concerned and Gauteng Bowls and the other with Government representatives. By mid-August we should have some idea of what is going to transpire.
At this moment in time, let me say what I understand may happen in the near future.
At present Bowls SA have nineteen or twenty Districts e.g. Sables, Ekurhuleni, Port Natal, Limpopo, North West etc. In order for the government to allocate funds towards sport in the current nine Provinces, all sporting / bowling clubs will have to fall within one or other of the nine provinces.
It just so happens that at this time, in Sables, Maraisburg, Florida North, Leases, Discovery, RCC, Witpoortjie, and Honeydew Bowling Clubs fall within Johannesburg Municipal Boundary of Gauteng. Logically this may mean that they will be no longer part of Sables and will play their League, District Competitions and Provincials as part of, and be subject to, the conditions applicable to JBA (Bowls Gauteng).
Rustenburg will, I assume now fall under North West.
The remaining Sables Bowling Clubs, Krugersdorp, Noordheuwel and Randfontein, are located in Mogale City and therefore not eligible, at this time to play in the Province of Gauteng. These three clubs will be all that is left of the Sables Bowling Association.
Needless to say, there will be many discussions coming up and decisions will have to be made and negotiated over the next few months, with regard to the future of bowls in and around the areas of Roodepoort, Johannesburg and Krugersdorp.
The outcome of these meetings and the decisions made will be of vital importance to our club. Members will be kept informed of the progress on a regular basis. I can see many special meetings taking place to ensure that the bowls at Krugersdorp is not compromised in any way.

Since I started this Newsletter, our President, Cobus, has spoken to the Sables District President, Mark Petzer and has been informed that this transformation may take up to five years to materialise. As I have said we will know more after the meeting on the 14th August.
There is some inevitability about the situation and we must prepare ourselves for some changes to our Sables District and the future of bowls.

“B” will remain open for social bowls whilst the other two receive their spring treatment.
That’s all for now folks,

Alan Lyall